The Original Collection
The Guitarchestra
Acoustic Guitar Solos Played Spontaneously
From Meditation
By: Freddie McCOY Dit Ahmed SOFI
Seated in the Lotus Position of Meditation
playing solos on a six-string acoustic guitar from meditation the music was recorded
spontaneously on home recording equipment. A new system of music was recorded in
phases of development for twenty five years, hundreds of tracks of music, each one unique.
The sound is unlimited. It includes all the sounds.
The standard musical system of classification was not used: no notes, no bars, no lines, no
time, no scales nor arrangements nor tuning the strings to certain fixed standards.
One standard guitar and two simple microphones .
Only one recording take was made spontaneously. It was recorded on non-professional
equipment and the original recording was never altered in any way.
The songs were sung spontaneously and the lyrics were written down after the songs had
been recorded.
The music will speak for itself.
Music is a Gift from GOD
All Praise to GOD