What they tell you to
You never think about
The inside of you
Well, let me tell you
Brother and sister
The “B” side
Is not so easy
- Cause the inside of you
Is filthy and greasy
So get ready for the “B” side
Here is some
Of what you have to do
You have to fast
To slow you down -
Stand on your head
To turn your blood around -
Stop eating animal
Out comes the worms –
This is when your mind begins to turn

For the first time since
You were a baby
You begin to look in
This is where SOULYOGA begins

This is where SOULYOGA begins
Eating only that
That comes from the ground
Stops your health
From going down
Everyday you exercise
Will help you to realize
Going through this process
There is much sickness and pain
It is the results of
What you did on the “A” side
Of that game
When the sicknesses come
Don’t call on anyone
Don’t take medicines nor pills
Watching your body
Cleaning it out
Through FAITH
You will see
Just like me

Freddie McCOY Dit Ahmed SOFI

Are you ready for the “B” side ?
The “A” side of LIFE
Is just about through
Are you ready for the “B” side
Yes, I’m talking to you.
You eat and do