Freddie McCOY Dit Ahmed SOFI

Excerpt from the Book “ I SAID TO ME”
Written by: Freddie McCOY Dit Ahmed SOFI

Thanks to GOD
GOD gave me talent. I use it in many categories throughout my life.
I was a recording artist for Prestige Records, playing Concerts,
Nightclubs , Television, etc. Upon reaching a high level in the music field,
I received my orders from GOD at the age of thirty seven.
This is when I realized that talent is a spiritual gift from GOD.
I stopped my career as a professional musician to find my natural perspective in the life.
After a personal experience with GOD in 1969
I departed from the United States of America to begin my journey.
I took my wife by the hand and left our money and all external securities behind.
We moved only through Faith and the Guidance of GOD’s Command which took us on an incredible spiritual trip.
In 1969 we left the east coast for Hawaii and then into Japan slowly crossing the far east,
Taiwan, Hong Kong,Thailand, Malaysia, Penang, and on into India, up into Pakistan and the Afghanistan.