On into Iran where I received much support for my music from the University Department
of Music and the Symphony Orchestra.
Then hitching across Europe and taking our last look at the western civilization we began
walking down to Morocco in the fall of 1973.
In the middle of our journey we realized it was not possible to have a spiritual child, born
and raised spiritually in today’s background of violence, destruction and non-consideration
of the child’s spiritual manifestation due to the prevailing Laws of Society.
In some countries we were arrested and put in prison.Thanks to GOD in many countries our position was respected and we were assisted and encouraged in many ways to continue our journey In The Name Of GOD.
Arriving in Morocco it was close to the coming of our expected son’s birth. Deep in my soul
I did not feel I had the authorization to register my son in that that GOD took me from, that way of life.
Through meditiation GOD revealed to me ‘The Neutral Energy Wave’ which is spiritual.
In 1973 my wife and I voluntarily renounced our American nationality and citizenship officially at the American Embassy in Rabat / Morocco and became ‘Stateless’ in order to allow our son a natural and spiritual manifestation.
GOD blessed us with the birth of our son, January 9, 1974.
Morocco allowed us to remain here as residents in 1974.
This is where I began my musical research, to find an avenue to use my gift from GOD music-in a spiritual mode.
I recorded over many years, slowly developing this frequency into the music as it unfolded
itself to me through my meditation and as it grew it developed into more than 150 Cd’s