recorded under non-professional conditions over twenty five years, 1975 - 2000 into a new system of music.
My work consists of three books of philosophy, one Photo Album of Hatha Yoga 50 photos, one book of Rhymes and one book of Lyrics. which were sung spontaneously and after having sung the song the words were then written down.The books of philosophy were compiled from nightly meditations after which I wrote short thoughts , Professionally I played the vibraphone. But at the time these energies came to me only a guitar was available.
Knowing nothing about playing a guitar, nor singing, I used a six-string acoustic guitar as an instrument and home recording equipment and assisted by my son, Bou, we began recording the music that I heard myself playing. I called it TESTBAND. I discontinued all social level activities to transcribe this frequency to the physical level perception. I applied my energy to this manifestation for many years. You will hear the phases of its development when listening deeply to the music.

It is the last natural connection before the electronic computer invasion on the frequency of sound which man knows as Music.
Through meditation I connected to what I perceived is compressed spiritual energy which when manifested passed through the geometrically seated body of myself sitting in the lotus positon of meditation. This energy applied to an acoustic guitar while in meditation manifests as music of some kind. It is always recorded spontaneously, in solitude, and only when the music comes to me when I am seated in meditation.