By: Ahmed SOFI

At the time of the Changes
In the position of the Universe
The position of the frequency in
Which musical energy travels –
Changes also.
The change was not perceived
By the Musicians of today
Because of the lack of
Geometrical Alignment of the Body.
Music has a great part in the Life
When used in its origin ‘Spiritual’.
Because of the lack of geometrical
Perception which comes through
Geometrical alignment of the
Body, musicians have had this
Limited concept for centuries.

In search for the lost chord
The unstruck sound
The unfinished symphony
The Inner Sound
Over the generations
Not going beyond these limits
Music eventually becomes
Traditional – Finally abandoned
And continued through the non-human
The Change was noted by
Many musicians who tried
At the height of their artistical ability
To receive this change
They were labeled as “Avant Garde”
“Hard Rock” “Free Jazz” “New Wave” etc.