Not realizing they were still using the
same system.
Artists like John Coltrane and
Ornette Coleman inspired many
Of the Rock Guitarists by
Omitting the Limitations of the
Laws of the Prevailing System
And used Various Symbols
Which appeared different
From the standard system of music
However, they were still using
The Same System.
At this point
They referred to amplification
And electronics
To try to arrive to that
That they were feeling
The change in music
They could only ‘expand’


On the Standard
The Same System
Using the ‘rhythms” from other countries
The Sound of Music
Made their Standard System
Sound different.
I recognized this change and
Discontinued my participation
In order to align with
This natural change
Which I noted
In the state of Meditation.
Everyone has different concepts of music
Just as everyone has
A different sounding voice
Our concepts are limited
By the standard system.