You don’t have to go any place, it’s all inside. You don’t need any props. You have to just sit down
and get familiar with your self, and you can only get familiar with your self through your body That’s why I say:
You Got To DoYoga.
And many wonderful things happen when you do yoga, because for the first time you will discover
the inner self. The self that is responsible for the outer self. And so far, the outer self has been the
commander of these beautiful vehicles that GOD created and put here on earth for us to watch
the Master’s Plannot
to get involved with life but just to live it. Because life is nothing but one of the powers of GOD.
They are all illusions.That is why GOD said “LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION”
Life is GOD’s secret. It’s not for man to know on the physical level. But within each of us there is
the complete understanding of this beautiful journey- which starts at a time when our bodies are
brand new- a creation of GOD- and this thing was created by GOD to just enjoy life, not hassle
life- not make life a struggle- only a diagram to take us to certain geometrical locations right here
on earth and for us to see the results of many many cycles which our fathers and forefathers have
traveled these same paths in which many of us our going down today.
These illusions are so powerful that they can withdraw us from our true selves and we get involved
in these Illusions and we get lost out into the ocean of life and we don’t know how to swim back
to shore. But if you just take a little time and try to clean your blood and body and get familiar with
yourself – get to know what makes your heartbeat – why your heartbeats/ which direction the
blood flows through your body / what artery carries what energy. There’s so many beautiful things