to know about the inner self that the outer world would be much better understood. We would
spend a little more time on this beautiful inner journey
soooo I am at peace
and I am heading homeward
(Lyrics from‘You have to do yoga)
Here’s a good one to try.
Sit down and cross your legs
and close your eyes.
Focus your mind on the word GOD.
Since your mind closes everytime you hear the word GOD
If you sit in the Lotus Position long enough—————
Breathe through your nose
and with each breath you take
– through the nose- inhale and exhale
through the nose
………….and continue………………
Welcome back to your mind
Welcome back home to your mind
It is nothing to dying in peace
It is nothing to dying in peace
That was the Gateway to Meditation. It is a matter of turning your energy inwardly….you will
discover many things that now seem confusing to the world.